Geo Holiday Club Informs Travelers about Slow Count Change Scam

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When you are on vacation, many of your purchases will probably be done with a credit card. However, if you decide to shop with local vendors or street merchants, you are probably more likely to use cash. To make sure that you do not get caught in a common scheme, Geo Holiday Club Scam Watch team warns about the common slow count change scam.

This scam will happen when a tourist uses cash with a scammer and expect change back. While they count out your change, the scammer will go very slow, even stopping at points or starting over. The behavior will surely be odd at first to the tourist, but as it goes on, it starts to annoy them. This is the point of the scheme. As the tourist gets more frustrated and less patient, the scammer is closer to their goal. Inevitably, the tourist will get angry enough to snatch their change and leave, convinced that the change is right and the cashier is just being odd. In reality, the cashier has purposefully shortchanged the tourist and because the tourist stormed off, he probably did not notice that he was cheated out of his money.

If you experience this, try to be patient and wait out the counting process and certainly do not leave without counting the change yourself and making sure that the amount is correct. Geo Holiday Club Scam Watch also warns that this can happen anywhere, even banks, so make sure that you always make sure that you are taking these precautions when you are using cash when you travel.


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GeoHoliday Club Scam Prevention Team Presents: The Street Musician Scam

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When you are walking on the streets in some cities, GeoHoliday Club Scam prevention team you may be entertained by street musicians. They are especially popular in areas frequented by travelers. The street musicians often make their living off of the tips they receive from people passing by. There are some street musicians that do not think that is the best way to make money. Instead they try to scam tourists out of their money.

The scam is fairly simple. If you pass by a street musician and listen to their music, they may approach you and hand you a cd. They will say it is a cd of their music. You can look at it, but when you try to hand it back to the musician, the performer will claim that you have already bought it and will then demand money from you. GeoHoliday Club Scam prevention team says that is where you need to take control to stop this scam in its track.

Tell the musician that you did not buy the cd and that you are not going to pay for it. The musicians will insist that you have to pay for it or they will call the authorities. There are two things you can do at this point.

  • Walk away – Put the cd on the ground in front of the musician and walk away. They will probably not do much because they do not want to frighten off someone else they can try this trick on.
  • Call the authorities – If they want the police call the police for them. That will usually stop the scam in its tracks and allow you to leave.
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GeoHoliday Club Unveils The Souvenir Seller Scam

Category: GeoHoliday Club Complaints PreventionGeoHoliday Club Scam Avoidance

GeoHoliday Club says that the favorite activity for many travelers is buying souvenirs. There are many different types of souvenirs to buy and they can provide a great keepsake for people who like to travel. Souvenirs can be found at many different stores and from street vendors. People who are buying souvenirs often are the target of scam artists. Some of the most common scams that travelers need to be aware of include:

  • Phony valuable souvenirs – The most common thing that travelers run into is buying something that is not what the seller is saying it is mention the efficient members of the Scam Prevention Team. Jewelry such as a string of pearls or a ring with a precious stone can often be fakes. Rare antiques may be reproductions. A street vendor is not the best place to buy valuable items and a traveler should be careful about what they buy.
  • The hard sell – Many scam artists will allow a traveler to hold and inspect the object they are selling. When the traveler tries to give it back, the seller will insist that they have already bought it and will demand the money. If this happens, put the item down at the seller’s feet and walk away.
  • The currency exchange – GeoHoliday Club members say that if you are traveling in a foreign country, you may not know the value of the currency very well. Street vendors will often sell you something and will offer to take the money in the currency that you have. They will try to charge you more for an item because they know you do not know the currency of the country you are in. Take the time to learn the value of the currency before you travel to prevent this advice the members of the Scam Prevention Team.
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GeoHoliday Club Alert You To Avoid Being A Victim Of Phony Taxi Driver Scams

Category: GeoHoliday Club Complaints PreventionGeoHoliday Club Scam Avoidance

GeoHoliday Club says that there was a time when it was easy to tell who the taxi drivers were. Travelers depended on these taxis to take them around the cities that they were visiting. Over time, the ability to tell who the taxis are has changed. It is not always as easy to see who the taxis are and who are not the licensed taxis. Scam artists are offering their services to travelers to drive them around and are taking advantage of the people that choose to use them.

The phony taxis will cheat their passengers in many ways remind the members of the Scam Avoidance Squad. The most common is to overcharge them for the trips they give. They also may try to make off with some of their fares belongings or they may end up trying to take them to places that the fare did not want to go to.

GeoHoliday Club members say that the person that is in control of preventing this scam is the passenger. They can stop these phony taxis from collecting money if they do a few things.

  • Check for the taxi’s license. If they do not have a license to operate as a taxi, get someone else to drive you around.
  • Check the laws of the city you are traveling to. There are places where you can find out what the taxis can charge and where the legitimate taxis operate at.
  • Get phone number of taxi companies ahead of time. When you need a cab, call the company. You may have to wait a few minutes, but it will eliminate the risk that you take when you have a taxi from an unknown source alert the members of GeoHoliday Club.
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GeoHoliday Club scams Protection Team Cautions of Fake Homeless Scams

Category: GeoHoliday Club Complaints PreventionGeoHoliday Club Scam Avoidance

GeoHoliday Club  scams prevention team realizes that within the US, the problems faced  simply by the homeless can be documented. There are actually quite a few people who genuinely do not have a place to live and typically do not possess the money they need to purchase food designed for themselves or their family members. It truly is not really uncommon to be able to locate these kind of individuals about the roads and streets of cities within the US asking passersby just for funds to assist them. It’s tough for people who are in the nation to be able to understand that the people asking for funds are usually legitimate and also which ones are certainly not genuine. The GeoHoliday Club  scams reduction team has a few recommendations that could assist vacationers from becoming a target of all of these scam artists.

The 1st suggestion is not to believe the sign ‘ will work for food.’ The scammers requesting just for money are usually not really willing to complete any kind of actual work. They will be more content gathering funds through others without lifting a finger. In case you want to let them have some food, offer to take them to a close by restaurant and purchase them lunch. If they are genuinely hungry, they will probably be happy to accept. In case they are not, they will certainly decline the offer.

GeoHoliday Club  scams reduction squad knows that beggars will also make an effort to stimulate empathy from people by simply acting like they are hurt or even disabled in some way. It is finest to caution anyone that will be behaving this way and also asking for money. Vacationers should not really be concerned regarding people who are asking for money. Numerous of all these people might truly make much more compared to the tourists. Just for the others, you’ll find a lot of companies which will certainly help them in the event that they ask.

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GeoHoliday Club Shares Guidelines For Safe Tourism In Mexico

Category: GeoHoliday Club Complaints PreventionGeoHoliday Club Scam Avoidance

GeoHoliday Club provides you with the best travel tips to adore your Mexican dream trip how you would like by giving you comfortable hotels, amenities and leisure services in their lovely club and vacation resort. The perfect seashores, archeological sites and beautiful sights of Mexico entice travelers to go back each year and you’ll build your Mexican trip a lot more remarkable by using these helpful trip guidelines.

GeoHoliday Club members suggest that the best time to plan a Mexican getaway is from November through April because great climate conditions allow it to be hassle-free that you can take pleasure in far more activities along with water establishments in the surrounding area. Get ready to enjoy a new strolling through South America by savoring the road performers and artists, bars and clubs and make your Mexican getaway as vibrant as you would like.

GeoHoliday Club Scam Prevention Team recommends that you pack mild if you go to Mexican places as it is a seaside location and you’ll have one or two sets of clothes, swimsuits, a number of shirts, some flip-flops and a few elegant clothes to take part in an excellent fine dining experience.

 GeoHoliday Club tells the seaside vacationers not to roam too far from the beachside as well as to pay attention to any warning signs; white-colored flags section off the harmful seas and require safety measures so avoid floating around there. Visitors vacationing with kids need to have a notarized and agreed upon document, specifically for divorced parents in case there is a legal obligation on their trip.

GeoHoliday Club vouches that South America can be a lovely trip destination however, you should be mindful whom you handle since the crime rate is great in a number of locations. It’s best you stay near your hotels and prevent wandering about on your own about. Visitors shouldn’t wear costly jewelry along with hold exactly the sum that is crucial sticking with their own resort area along with staying away from walking close to their own.

GeoHoliday Club associates advise vacationers planning a trip to Mexican destinations to research out the very best locations, activities as well as leisure amenities they can appreciate on their own trip. This offers these people time to relish natural splendors of these holiday locations without wasting time.

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GeoHoliday Club on ‘Are Unsolicited Travel Deals a Good Thing?’

Category: GeoHoliday Club Complaints PreventionGeoHoliday Club Scam Avoidance

GeoHoliday Club states that every day, people are getting emails offering them great deals on travel. The emails often sound too good to be true. Sometimes they are real and other times they are not legitimate. GeoHoliday Club understands that it is not always easy to tell the difference between the real ones and the scam offers. The scam prevention team has come up with tips that can help people figure out the difference.

  • Beware unsolicited emails – Some people will say that if they receive these offers in unsolicited email, that they are not legitimate, probably a scam. This is not the case. There are plenty of timeshare resorts that offer good deals through emails. Instead of ignoring them completely, take some time to find out if an email is real or not.
  • Contact the resort or the company offering the deal directly. GeoHoliday Club suggests not to use the contact information that is provided in an email. Find out how to contact the company by searching them on the internet.
  • Never give your credit card on the phone or through the internet if you did not initiate the contact. Make sure that you have called the company before you give out this information. You also need to know how to dispute any charges on your credit card if you do make a mistake.

The rule that says if an offer is too good to be true is not always right. If you get an offer for a travel package that seems really good, you might want to find out more about it. GeoHoliday Club further adds that with due diligence and some effort you can get a better idea of whether it is real or not. It is worth taking the time to find out if you can get a great deal on a vacation.

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Geo Holiday Club Offers Ways To Be Mindful of Fake Insurance

Category: GeoHoliday Club Complaints PreventionGeoHoliday Club Scam Avoidance

Geo Holiday Club knows when traveling there is more than one thing, which needs to be taken into consideration if you want to be safe. One of the most important things is the traveling insurance, which is issued by different establishments around the world. Geo Holiday Club warns that there is more than one fraud scam when it comes to this.

There are scam artists operating at large in the virtual world. This is why when you are looking for insurance coverage for your trouble, you need to be extremely careful. There are many people who have found offers, which seem too good to be true and are really cheap. However, as soon as they pay, their money gets stolen and they do not get any insurance at all. This usually happens when you pay and the scam artist tells you that your documents will arrive by mail.

Geo Holiday Club offers advice to protect yourself from such problems. Above all you need to spend time looking for feedback. It is no secret that there really are legitimate services, which offer good insurance at bargain prices. You should however read a lot about the offers you encounter. Make sure you join forums and read a lot of reviews. Under no circumstances agree to pay before you see that your insurance documents are completely legitimate and can be printed out immediately. With just a little bit of care, you are able to find yourself insurance that will not cost you a fortune.

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Geo Holiday Club Scam Prevention Squad — Are Text Alerts Safe?

Category: GeoHoliday Club Complaints PreventionGeoHoliday Club Scam Avoidance

Geo Holiday Club Scam Prevention Squad knows that if you are traveling it is a smart idea to set up text alerts for suspicious activity on your credit card or from your bank accounts. The Geo Holiday Club Scam Prevention Squad has suggested creating these alerts so that you will know if there is any unusual activity on these types of account. If you get them through text or email, you can find out about them easily while you are traveling. What happens if you use this basic scam avoidance technique alert and the person behind it is not who you think they are?

What do the Alerts Look Like

The problem that people have with scam avoidance when it comes to these alerts is that they often look like they come from the bank or credit card that you are dealing with. The fraudulent alerts are designed to make people believe them. One thing that they will usually have is a link to call or they will say that you need to text or call them at a specific number. When you go to these sites, you are opening yourself up for trouble.

What to do

Do not ignore the alerts. You put them there for the right reasons. The key is to how you should respond to the alerts. Do not click on the link or use the phone number that the alert provides. Geo Holiday Club Scam Prevention Squad suggests using the customer service number on your card or go to the official website. You will be able to find out quickly if the alert is real or not.

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GeoHoliday Club Scam Prevention Team Provides Tips for Avoiding Credit Card Fraud

Category: GeoHoliday Club Complaints PreventionGeoHoliday Club Scam Avoidance

GeoHoliday Club scam prevention team knows that credit card fraud is quite common and may go unnoticed by victims until there have been many fraudulent charges.  One way that fraud can happen is when you might be tricked into giving someone your card number.  This happens sometime in the middle of the night with a call to your hotel room.  Someone posing as a hotel employee explains there has been a mix up at the front desk and they need to confirm your card number.  You are then read the last four digits of a card for you to confirm it is yours and, of course, it turns out not to be yours.  You are told that they need your card number again.  In a daze of sleepy jetlagged thinking, you recite the number. GeoHoliday Club scam prevention team understands that now some scam artist has your credit card number and is ready to make fraudulent charges.

In these cases is it not usually the hotel to blame, it is someone else posing as a hotel employee trying to trick tourists into giving their information away.  If you get a call like this do not, for any reason, give your credit card information over the phone. GeoHoliday Club scam prevention team knows that if it a legitimate need of the hotel, which it probably won’t be, it can wait until the next morning and you can talk to a manager at the front desk about the situation.

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